Wednesday, June 27, 2007

time for a vacation

(A pic from last year's camping trip at Carpinteria.)

Guess what? I made our vacation reservations today! Wahoo!

First, we're going to Vegas in a few weeks. Me & the kids are just tagging along - it will be business for DH. But I couldn't see his perfectly good air-conditioned room with maid service and a swimming pool going to waste while he is out each day making sales calls. We made sure to pick a hotel with an excellent pool since that is where we plan to spend most of our free time.

Then a few weeks after that we'll be camping at McGrath Beach in Ventura. We've never camped there, but I'm hopeful that it will be as nice as some of the reviews say it is. Unfortunately, the pickings is mighty slim when you wait this long to reserve a site. So, we'll just hope for the best.

The kids go back to school early this year (in August and they're none too happy about it). So, I wanted to be sure we had our vacations early enough to leave us time for shopping and getting ready.

I expect this summer is just going to fly by!


Daisy Cottage said...

Ahhh - that's wonderful! Have a great vacation and stay safe!

Scrapdog1-- said...

Wow, sounds like fun. Love the picture. Kids that do this amaze me. Have fun!