Tuesday, June 19, 2007

can we talk?

(Yup, that's me.)

Okay, so the thing with blogs is it turns out there are some very cool and interesting ones out there. There are blogs on style, decor, food... you name it. The ones that seem to have caught my eye are those with a retro/vintage flair.

There is a whole tribe of people out there who call themselves "thrifters" or who talk of "thrifting" and who post the most delightful photos of their awesome finds at flea markets, estate and yard sales, as well as antique and thrift stores. Some of these bloggers have an incredible eye for finding treasures. They totally make me want to drop everything and go on a treasure hunt. I love vintage, lived in, shabby chic stuff.

Here are a few of the fun blogs I've been enjoying:
Nostalgia at the Stone House
Apron Thrift Girl
Daisy Cottage

So with all this talk of thrifting and with a costume party to go to this weekend, I decided to drag the kids to our largest local thrift store today. The idea was to just pop in and out, but it is such a large store that our quick visit took longer than planned. It's amazing how long it can take to flip thru long racks of clothing even when you have a good idea of what you are looking for.

Since we were mainly there for costumes I didn't look at much else. I did manage to find a couple of useful items, tho I can't call them treasures. Oh, and we found costumes too. So time well spent.

(PS~ does anyone have an idea of where I might find some Keds canvas oxford tennies in black? I need them before Saturday, so hoping one of my local peeps has a lead for me.)


LuvJones said...

You are funny Cindy!
Very cute pic of you! Cute woman you!

We use to have a Vans store out here in the IE, do they still make Keds!? LOL!

JenniferPriest said...

Yeah you are so funny Cindy!! Love reading your blog--another world to get lost in!! HA!

What is the store you went to? Xaver and I have this crazy idea of doing our bedroom in a 40's kind of vinatge theme to go with our bed that is styled on that era so I am looking for some good finds.

Keds are still made--I bet you can find some knockoffs at Payless or Target.

JenniferPriest said...

Oh and I LOVE that pic of you!!! Can I scrap it--seriously, it is tooooooo cute!!

Pamela said...

You know I'm there - vintage baby. I love the antique stores and in my BC life (before children) I used to frequent these stores and find treasures. It just makes all the craziness of life seem obsolete. You just drift into the "what would my life be back then." I think about who has held these things, what their life was like, was it a treasure to them too. Oh well, back to the present...guess I better get to cleaning.

tina said...

I am late your party is over but if you ever need them Rite Aid or CVS drug store has them don't ask me how I know that!!